We are young in the information Technology arena; Established by a group of dynamic entrepreneurs based at Kerala, India. After spending several years in the corporate world and experiencing all the ups and downs in the career, We a group of experienced web designers, developers, software engineers and trainers decided to start our own venture and we together named it 'OCIUZ INFOTECH'.
A wide range of information Technology services have positioned the company to find solutions to drastic requirements on all areas of the current market .The company also provide solutions for all sectors such as Government, Telecom and Education in the software/web development. We aim to break the boundaries of creativity and let our employees, think out of box to come up with something new and better each time they get into development.

"Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

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Why Choose Us?
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We’re Creative

Yes we create spectacular Logos and designs to focus branding of a company, and we are in the market to put benchmark in every areas of project in different aspects and technologies We have a creative team to satisfy each and every client. We can imagine the heart beats of them.

We’re Punctual

Yes of-course we are punctual in each diversions of project. We put maximum effort to do the best at right time, but to be frank there may be chances of some special occasions, so we believe that what ever is happening its all for good.

We have magic

We are very flexible in the industry and we are more concentrated on Custom based applications, in more detail we are focusing on the applications which is run and created based on the exact requirement of the client. So application will be unique and have magical touch on it.

We love minimalism

In all applications which comes from Ociuz Infotech is very simple and user-friendly. We believe that no body cant satisfy anybody in 100% ratio, So we are aiming for applications which is acceptable by the majority of the exact users.

We’re responsible

We can understand the pressure and situation of a business man so Obviously we undertake all the responsibility of the application and the areas which is non familiar by the client in the software industry. That’s why we are the no 1 Software Company in Thrissur, Kerala

We're Friendly

We always keep good and friendly relationship to-words our clients. More than marketing strategy we believe on mouth to mouth publicity, so we strongly believe that customers are our end to end marketing person