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Welcome to OCIUZ Infotech Pvt Ltd
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We are young in the information Technology arena; Established by a group of dynamic entrepreneurs based at Kerala, India. After spending several years in the corporate world and experiencing all the ups and downs in the career, We a group of experienced web designers, developers, software engineers and trainers decided to start our own venture and we together named it 'OCIUZ INFOTECH'.

The company’s goal is to ensure that all the customers are satisfied on time and to provide the employees a best place to share their passion. Together we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.

Work Process
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We follow Agile methodology, continuous incremental improvement through small and frequent releases for client's needs more effectively.

1. Plan

2. Design

3. Coding & Testing

4. Deployment

5. Review

6. Launch

Why Choose Us?
software company in thrissur

We’re Creative

Yes we create spectacular Logos and designs to focus branding of a company, and we are in the market to put benchmark in every areas of project in different aspects and technologies We have a creative team to satisfy each and every client. We can imagine the heart beats of them.

We’re Punctual

Yes of-course we are punctual in each diversions of project. We put maximum effort to do the best at right time, but to be frank there may be chances of some special occasions, so we believe that what ever is happening its all for good.

We have magic

We are very flexible in the industry and we are more concentrated on Custom based applications, in more detail we are focusing on the applications which is run and created based on the exact requirement of the client. So application will be unique and have magical touch on it.

We love minimalism

In all applications which comes from Ociuz Infotech is very simple and user-friendly. We believe that no body cant satisfy anybody in 100% ratio, So we are aiming for applications which is acceptable by the majority of the exact users.

We’re responsible

We can understand the pressure and situation of a business man so Obviously we undertake all the responsibility of the application and the areas which is non familiar by the client in the software industry. That’s why we are the no 1 Software Company in Thrissur, Kerala

We're Friendly

We always keep good and friendly relationship to-words our clients. More than marketing strategy we believe on mouth to mouth publicity, so we strongly believe that customers are our end to end marketing person

What people say?

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Akash Anand
CEO, Caletal Developers

" Very reliable, talented and creative team, they made sure all my expectations have been fullfilled. I feel much relaxed once a work is been placed. OCIUZ is our technical guide from last 3 years. "

What people say?

website development company in thrissur
AV Riyas
Welcare Hospital

"Ociuz is a true expert in the field of application development and digital marketing. They are a pleasure to work with and very prompt and attentive in project management. Currently our AV Group's all projects are coming from Oicuz. I will continue with Ociuz for my future application needs."

What people say?

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Sindo Vincent
CEO, Wearefresh

" Ociuz is a team of great people. They are very much flexible and affordable, their capacity of understanding the business is really appreciable. They made my business No 1 in the segment within a short span of time. Their applications are very user-friendly, and most importantly their Digital Marketing team is very well updated about the market. I strongly recommend Ociuz."

What people say?

software company in thrissur
Managing Director BANDD

“OCIUZ is capable of building high quality websites in fast time. Once you deliver your ideas, OCIUZ team has a magic set up to customize and publish with our dream vision.”

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We are here to help you in your business.

Registered Office
website development company in thrissur3rd Floor
Buhari Tower, M.G Road
Thrissur - 680004
Kerala, INDIA
Corporate Office
Ground Floor
Vismaya Infopark
Cochin - 682042
Kerala, INDIA
8 Mary Drive
Victoria 3350, AUSTRALIA
Ph: +61 475417486

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